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Data Anywhere


If you need data of any size to any location we provide it !

We can supply EE, 02, Vodafone and Three SIM cards but we also supply eSIMS which will use the strongest signal

Benefit from our LTE Router solution to plug and play anywhere

Take advantage of our unlimited data plans on Vodafone and O2

What We Offer...

LTE Router Solution

If you need internet for remote offices, rural locations or just areas without fast internet then why not use our LTE routers with a SIM card. Unlimited data at fast speeds

Voice and Data SIMs

We can offer you SIM cards for your mobile phones on any major network in the UK. Just choose your tariff per device or pool the data across them all


We now offer eSIM cards. These are intelligent SIM cards which will work out the strongest signal provider from any of the major network providers and automatically use them. 

Fixed IP addresses

If your in need of fixed IP address for you devices then  we can get you these at low prices

Private APN

 For some customers and solutions, a Public APN isn’t appropriate because it would break the solution, add additional complexity or add additional cost.  Our Private APN was developed to help

M2M/IoT SIM cards

 M2M (Machine to Machine)/ IoT (Internet of Things) technology was created to streamline the way data is collected from devices and incorporated into IT systems, without human intervention. Our rugged SIM cards can operate in harsh environments.


Voice and Data SIMS

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£ 28 Monthly
  • Unlimited data on 02 or Vodafone
  • Unlimited data*, texts and minutes to UK numbers
  • 3 month contract

LTE Router solution

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£ 120 Monthly
  • Unlimited data *
  • £30 set up fee
  • Router is setup ready for immediate use when plugged in.

* Unlimited data fair usage policy os 650GB

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