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Through a combination industry leading equipment, knowledge, customer service and price we have been able to help customers the length and breadth of the UK to protect their sites and equipment. Based in the west midlands but servicing the country, we can install, maintain, monitor and respond to make sure our customer and their sites get the best security service possible 24/7, 365 days a year. Our company principle of ‘Let Right Be Done’ forms the core of our business and how we interact with customers and each other every day. We challenge each other to be the best – not what’s ‘good enough’ to make sure you, the customer, gets the best possible service.

Portcullis Security provides a comprehensive range of
security solutions for all sizes of businesses and organisations.
Our solutions cover the full life cycle of your project, from initial
concept to completion, and are tailored to your individual needs.
From lithium battery detectors to High Definition CCTV, we offer a
range of flexible options to meet your security needs, including
thermal, facial and number plate recognition. So if you’re looking
for reliable and comprehensive security solutions, look no further
than Portcullis Security Solutions.

In an ever-evolving security landscape, it is important to stay ahead
of the curve to ensure your operations are safe and secure. The team at GreenFox Systems have recognised this and have developed a revolutionary solution to help businesses and organisations tackle their security concerns in areas where power is limited. Our innovative product is designed to provide High-Definition CCTV coverage in a cost-effective way, with a small footprint of only 600mm sq. Our modular solution is easy to install and, best of all, We manufacture our products in the UK which allows us to offer a better price than our competitors.

Are you looking for a reliable and dependable CCTV monitoring
system that will keep you, your site and your equipment safe and
secure at all times? If so, then Flash Communications can provide
you with the perfect solution. With our dedicated team of experts,
we offer a wide range of products and services that are designed to
offer you the most comprehensive and secure CCTV monitoring solution
available. With our state-of-the-art equipment and 24/7 monitoring, you
can rest assured that your CCTV footage is always monitored,
stored and protected.



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